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Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece. Its location – right next to the sea – and its cosmopolitan nature make it a truly charming destination. Thessaloniki has been a crossroad for many different cultures which led to it being  the perfect alloy of Eastern and Western lifestyle.

Its gastronomy, sightseeing and multicultural vibes will mesmerize anyone who visits!

Little Tip: In just 30minutes driving distance, you will find the beloved  Halkidiki!!!

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Getting to Thessaloniki will be no problem no matter where you come from, since it is accessible by airplane, train, or even by bus. Ask Prima Holidays DMC for the perfect travel option according to your needs.



There is a huge variety of Hotels and Apartments in the city and, for those who prefer a more isolated stay, in its beautiful suburbs. Our travel agency will help you find your ideal kind of accommodation based on your preferences and budget.

What to See

In a city with such a stormy history like Thessaloniki, there are dozens of sights that will take you back in time. Walk the Old Town΄s streets, get on top of the White Tower and follow the city΄s Old Castle Walls until you find yourself in the most picturesque district of Thessaloniki, the beautiful Tsinari.

If walking is not your preferable sightseeing way, you can also hop on a Red Bus and take a City Tour on wheels!

And even if you are not the History – lover type of visitor, you can always enjoy the sea view from Thessaloniki΄s endless beach side, along with some food or beverage!

Local Delicacies

Whatever you΄re craving, this city has it! The list of Restaurants and Traditional Tavernas has no end, not to start with the fast food places! Are you up for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner – light or fatty, fast or slow? – just take a stroll in the city and take your pick!

Apart from the local Greek cuisine, you will find many – but, really…many! – Exotic and Universal cuisine restaurants! Enjoy!

Bars & Restaurants

Thessaloniki has always been one of the most entertaining cities of Greece. Day and night, this city is full of options in Cafés, Bars and Restaurants.
During the day, you can have coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch or even a drink almost everywhere.

Many popular Café/ Bars are located at the Thermaikos Bay, where you can sit back and enjoy the sea view. Roof and Boat cafés are also very popular, making having coffee an experience you will surely remember!

And then there is Thessaloniki’s Nightlife. In such a multicultural city you can listen to any kind of music you love, played by DJ’s or live scene musicians.

Start your night in Ladadika for a delicious dinner often accompanied by music and then take a walk through the Bars and Pubs of Valaoritou Street, where draught beer, wine, and special cocktails always get the party started!