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The island of Skopelos is known for its dense forests and blue waters. The largest part of the island is covered by a pristine pine forest. The town of Skopelos has also been characterized as a traditional housing estate, mainly because of its architecture, a mix of various architectural rhythms. Travelling around the island of Skopelos can be an ideal experience for visitors. The island has been chosen by Hollywood’s famous filmmakers who have directed many movies here.

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You can travel in Skopelos by ferry or by plane. Since the island does not have an airport, you can choose the closest that is Skiathos΄ and then take a boat to get across. Prima Holidays DMC can offer you packages to Skopelos or organize your trip based on your preferences.



When staying in Skopelos you have many accommodation options depending on your budget. Contact our office and we will find the best solution for you.

What to See

The town of Skopelos has been declared a traditional settlement. Arriving in Chora, feel free to wander and get lost in the narrow alleys and admire the houses and buildings with the characteristic island architecture.

There are many churches, chapels and monasteries in Skopelos. A well-known is Panagitsa of Pyrgos, located at the edge of the harbour. An imposing church that deserves your visit!

A little further you will find all that is left of the Venetian castle – built there since the 13th century – the view from there is stunning.

In the center of Chora is the Folklore Museum of Skopelos, which is housed in a traditional building, dating back to 1795.

While in Skopelos you also have to visit the chapel of Agios Giannis located in Kastri near Glossa. The chapel is built on the top of a rock of 100m height and to get there you have to climb some stairs, 112 more or less.  Do not be fooled by that fact, the view there is enchanting and will surely compensate you! That chapel showed off in the movie “Mamma mia”, so if you have seen the movie, the place will look familiar to you!

A still remarkable monument is the Sentokia. These are tombs carved at the top of Mount Karya. The location is the tallest of the island and from there you can admire the other nearby islands like Alonissos and Skiathos.


The Beaches

Skopelos is famous for its beautiful beaches! All its beaches are bloated with dense vegetation, so you will feel like you are in paradise! Many of its beaches can be accessed only by sea. The only thing that is sure is this:  Your beach experience will be taken from a fairytale – or in this case, a Hollywood movie!

The most famous is the Kastanis beach, where the film “Mamma mia” was shot. This beach connects with Milia, another beach with a bit of a narrow path, organized and easily accessible by car.

Another beautiful, sandy beach is Stafylos, access to which is by wheels. From this beach you can go to the Velanio beach, a quiet place with a rich, natural landscape and an official Nudist Beach.

Do not miss to visit Panormos beach, which as it is said by the locals, offers the best sunset on the island!

What to See

Skopelos is famous for its prunes! You will find them everywhere! In food, in sweets, jams, you can΄t have enough of them!

Do not forget to try the avgato, a local spoon sweet! A special local delicacy is the Strifti pie – made of local cheese – that is fried in contrast to other Greek pies, that are usually baked.

Bars & Restaurants

It’s no secret: Greeks know how to have fun!

Mix some people with a lot of music, a handful of dance and a pinch of drinking and you will get the perfect recipe for an authentic Greek night!

Here in Skopelos, this is the everyday life. This island lacks in nothing compared to other Greek destinations and their big Night Clubs.  Skopelos is the crystal-blue proof that real entertainment does not depend on big, expensive-looking facilities, but it comes from authenticity, nice company and good mood!

Skopelos is filled with small Cafes, Bars & Restaurants, guaranteed to give you the time of your life! Traditional Greek Cuisine, delicious wine and welcoming locals, is what Skopelos is all about!