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Skiathos is a small Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea. Its wonderful beaches, picturesque alleys, and cosmopolitan vibes make it one of the most popular islands in Greece.

Skiathos’ perfect combination of natural beauty, historical significance, cultural value and modern lifestyle, makes it an ideal destination for everyone.

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Bars and Restaurants

Skiathos is full of beautiful Cafes and Traditional Greek Restaurants. And while you will find the most delicious food, made with fresh, local ingredients, this is not what travellers remember of the island. What makes Skiathos so popular, is the island’s nightlife. Nightlife in Skiathos is very interesting because of the two different entertainment attractions it hosts.

The first one is on the East side of the settlement, in front of the island’s port. It is the place where youngsters like to hang out, dancing until the sun rises.

The second one, is at the Old Town of Skiathos, in the port’s West end. There, you will find the Mainstream Night Clubs and also the Chic ones, where you will listen to Jazz and Rock music.

In Skiathos you will come face to face with the most charming BarClubs, decorated with beds instead of couches, pillows laying on their staircases, and the tastiest cocktails of all time!

You can also start your evening watching a movie in one of the island’s two “Open- Air Movie Theatres”. These outdoors movie theatres are very popular in Greece during the summer season. Enjoy!