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Getting to know Halkidiki: God's gift to Northern Greece!

How far would you go to see…everything?

You needn’t go as far as you’d think, you know? Come and meet Halkidiki: The place where nature, history, culture and spirituality make the perfect trident-shaped combo!

Halkidiki – located in Central Makedonia, Northern Greece – is separated in three small peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Thanks to its convenient location – only 30 min. drive from the greek co-capital, Thessaloniki – Halkidiki has always been the No. 1 holiday hotspot for the Greeks in the North – yes, the epic reference is deliberate and if you see Mount Athos up- close you will know why!

But Greeks wouldn’t keep such a place a secret from the world – honestly, they couldn’t if they wanted to! – Travelers from all over the world have been taking their Spring, Summer & Fall breaks ( literally any kind of break will do ). Why? Well, simply because this place offers the kind of holiday you need, no matter who you are!

Were you hoping for an endless party where you would lose the sense of time? Or maybe you feel like laying on a quiet beach and…well that’s it! Getting tan while your mind erases all that once seemed like trouble! Even if you’re travelling with your family and you are looking for a way to combine natural scenery and activities with some historical sights, Halkidiki is THE place for you! On top of all of these? You can mix and match all of these and create your perfect custom-made holiday!

Does this all seem a little – or a little more – oversold? No more rambling, then! Here, have some fun facts about Halkidiki that also make a good case for visiting!

Halkidiki facts: For y’all History lovers!

  • According to Greek mythology, Halkidiki was the place where a huge battle took place, opposing the Olympian Gods to the Giants!
  • Speaking of mythology, did you notice Halkidiki resebling Poseidon’s trident? That’s also its nickname!
  • All of Halkidiki’s peninsulas – Kassandra, Sithonia & Athos – are named after mythical creatures or personalities, always in reference to battles that happened there!
  • Halkidiki’s history goes back to the 8th century BC – cities founded then – such as Mende, Toroni & Scione – still exist, of course!
  • The place is notable for its honey, wine and olive oil production so, you do not want to miss a tasting or two!
  • Have you ever heard of Aristotle the Philosopher? Well, ” The first Teacher” was born in Stagira, Halkidiki ( You know, before he contributed to nearly every aspect of human knowledge, that is! ) – You might want to visit his theme-park in Athos’ peninsula!

Halkidiki Facts: For y’all Party lovers!

  • Do you like Beach Parties? It’s got them!
  • How about Cruise Parties? It’s got those too!
  • Or maybe you’re the Clubbing type? Classy, fancy, alternative or Old-School… Well, guess what! Kassandra has it all!

Halkidiki Facts: For y’all Nature lovers!

  • The Central and Eastern Halkidiki counts three amazing mountains: Cholomontas, Itamos and Athos – You can hike forever!
  • You have the chance to get lost in the Taxiarchis Forest – you will not want to be found!
  • Halkidiki has the longest coastline in Greece, a 500km beauty!
  • You can star in your own movie on a discovery adventure! Play survivor on Halkidiki’s isles and have the time of your life!
  • Visitors love, love, LOVE to explore the amazing scenery in the Petralona Cave, the Sani and Agios Mamas wetlands and the Varvara waterfalls!

Convinced, yet? Get in touch with us and we’ll make any of your doubts…disappear!

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