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Walking Tour in Limnos

A short coach drive will take us from the port to the starting point of the walk, nearby the village of Agios Dimitrios…



The bus will take us from the port to the starting point of the walk, nearby the village of Agios Dimitrios. Not entering the village, we shall walk along the 5-6 km long path, passing by the dam. All around us you can praise  а beautiful scenery – trees full of fruit, land full of grapes, tomatoes etc; as well as people working on their land. If you are interested, few minutes can be spent in each of the two small churches on our way, always open so that people can go in either to have a look or light a candle.

After approximately an hour and a half walk, we will arrive in one of the largest and most attractive villages of the island – Kondias with pretty stone built houses, picturesque windmills, a hill with pine trees and the beautiful church of Agios Dimitrios with the stone bell tower.

In a typical village taverna we shall have refreshment and afterwards we shall visit the gallery displaying the works of artists from Balkan countries.

From Kondias we return to Μyrina by bus.

The schedule of our walk is as follows:

20 min bus drive to the start point

90 min walk

30 min break for a refreshment

30 min in the gallery

30 min return trip to port

The whole trip will last approximately 3hrs 30 min.

More info:

This easy and pleasant walk is approx. 5 to 6 kilometers long. The road surface is smooth but with lots of lose stones and gravel. It is recommended to wear flat non slippery shoes or walking shoes (trekking shoes are not necessary). Traffic is forbidden, but occasionally odd vehicles could be seen on the path. At the beginning of our walk, taking photographs is forbidden, as military zone is on the hill. Fast advanced walkers will need one hour for this walk, while beginners an hour and half.