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Lefkada Island Tour

Divided between island and mainland, Lefkada has a special charm. Its “trade-mark” are the impressive beaches…



Divided between island and mainland, Lefkada has a special charm. Its “trade-mark” are the impressive beaches with white sand and deep-blue waters. Its villages, most of them mountainous, keep their traditions and charm.
The town of Lefkada is on the northeastern side of the island, you on the other hand will start your excursion with a wonderful visit of the Monastery of Panagia Phaneromeni which is built on a neighboring hill of the town, on the site of the ancient Temple of Hera. The monastery which was destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt in the 19th C is the greatest religious center of the island. Every year on the day the Panagia (Virgin Mary) is celebrated, it is visited by pilgrims from Lefkada and the surrounding islands, who give their thanksgiving offerings to the icon.
After visiting the monastery you will take a drive and visit the traditional village of Aghios Nikitas which is located on the north-western side of the island with small roads that gives you the feeling that you are living in ancient times. The visit will take about 15 minutes.
Returning to Lefkada from the same route you will take a drive through the village of Ligia which is known as the fishing village and the “valley of love”. Continuing your drive through small traditional villages such as Nikiana and others.
At the entrance of the Gulf of Vlichos and along the shore is Nydri where you will stop at the traditional place with its beautiful sandy beach. At Nydri you can take a Mini-Cruise of 1 hour on which you will visit only by sea many little islands. Some of which are, the well known island of the shipowner “Onassis” which is called Scorpios. You will also visit by sea the island of a well-known Greek poet, Valaoritis.
After the Mini-Cruise you will board the Motorcoach and take a drive back to the port of Lefkada where the ship will be waiting.