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Welcome to Thessaloniki: The wingman of cities!

Have you met Thessaloniki?

What could you possible be waiting for?

It is considered to be the cultural capital of Greece, the 5th- best party city in the world ( right after Belgrade, Montreal, Buenos Aires and Dubai ) and one of the most charming cities wordwide, probably thanks to its perfect Eastern-Western balance!

Easy to fall in love with, Thessaloniki offers all kinds of excitement whether you’re just sipping coffee on the seaside, or having a drink on the top of the “Old Town”, having your taste buds blown tasting some local delicassy in Ladadika or crazy partying all night – and these are just the things you can’t not do while in Thessaloniki…wait till we get to the sophisticated side of it!

But, let’s just take half a step back and truly understand the colors of the city. Thessaloniki is the second largest city – and the co capital – of Greece. It is a modern metropolis built near the sea, bearing the marks of its stormy history, as well as its cosmopolitan character, both of which impart a special beauty and charm to the city. Throughout history, it has always been a crossroad of civilizationsa place where the East meets the West, where great cultures and religions have been mixed together – thus earning the title of ” The city of diverse history and hospital people”.

Gastronomy, events, world-class heritage sites and
shopping centres are some of the things that visitors can – and, might I add, MUST – indulge in.

So, now we can take that step forward again and see in more detail why you should visit Thessaloniki and – most importantly – what not to miss while you’re there!

Thessaloniki Excursions by DMC in Greece Prima Holidays

Reasons to visit Thessaloniki – and things to do, no matter what!

  • It’s a city for all seasons! Do you feel like spending your fall/winter vacation cuddling and taking warm sips of coffee, white chocolate or wine? Or maybe cooling down during Summer on top of “Ano Poli” with the whole city on your feet is what you’ve been dreaming of all year! Whatever the case, you will be rewarded!
  • There are so many sights to see! Just take a stroll through the city and you will come face to face with so many parts of Thessaloniki’s history! Visit the ancient Roman Agora, the Byzantine Baths and the Crypt of Agios Dimitrios and keep on walking until you meet the Arch of Galerius and the famous Rotonda!
  • Take a deep cultural breath! If you’re in your cultural mood, you might want to visit a plethora of museums – the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Byzantine Culture & the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki – and, of course, amazing churches – Agia Sofia’s church is a MUST! You probably won’t have the time to go through it all but you can get a pretty good idea!
  • Gastronomy at it’s best! I’ ve got three words for you: Quality, Variety, Quantity ( I know the last one is not required to have a great dinner, but Thessaloniki does! This city loves a big plate full of taste! ). Greek cuisine has always had the best of names, but in Thessaloniki all this combines with some influences from Pontus, Mikra Asia & Istanbul, creating this WOW effect!
  • Get enticed! Not a weekend goes by in this city without a full cultural agenda! Spend your nights deep in fun, at musical events, art exhibitions and festivals! The entertainment options are so many that you feel like the VIP guest in town! Just look for it!

Feel like taking a vacation, yet? Prima Holidays will make sure that you take the best one!

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