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The combination of the climatic conditions and the rare natural environment found in Loutraki, make this place unique. Loutraki provides limitless opportunities for summer and winter vacation. The temperate, Mediterranean climate, the crystal blue sea, the amazingly beautiful beaches surrounding the city and the rich pine forest of the Geraneia mountains make up an unrivalled scenery of beauty. The prolonged period of sunshine through the whole year, the beautiful natural scenery located between mountain and sea and the famous medicinal waters are some of the factors that greatly contribute in the development of various forms of tourism.

The best hotels for your company in Greece...

Prima Holidays DMC, having 15 years of experience under its belt, safely handles Hotel Reservations and Αrrangements all over Greece, securing you the most advantageous Agreements and Special Rates.

Our Company’s offices – currently active in the most popular tourist destinations, such as Loutraki – keep increasing rapidly while we persistently strive for our clients’ best interest.


Bars and Restaurants

In certain destinations, the term “entertainment” is connected to wild partying, while in others you will only find small Cafes and Bars. Well, Loutraki has both!

Besides its amazing Greek – Cuisine Restaurants, this place offers all kinds of Café-Bars and Night Clubs!

Whether you feel like relaxing with a drink on the beach, or dancing your heart out, Loutraki is the place to be!
Also, if you get lucky and stumble on a local fair, don’t hesitate to get in and have some fun with the locals!