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Lefkada belongs to the Seven Island Complex and is the fourth larger island of the Ionian Sea. It is the only island accessible by car, thanks to the floating bridge that connects the Island to the Mainland, creating a crossroad of land and sea!

The island’s Mediterranean climate, its magical beaches, the verdant mountains and crystalline waterfalls, make it one of the most popular islands of Greece, not only among Greek travelers.

Take a vacation in Lefkada. You will be mesmerized!

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The fact that Lefkada is accessible by car makes transfer to and from the island much easier for visitors. Prima Holidays DMC can organize your trip or suggest an already organized Road trip from Thessaloniki to Lefkada.



You can find any kind of settlement in Lefkada. Depending on your budget and preferences you can find a Luxury Hotel or an Apartment, or even a more isolated House to rent. Ask Prima Holidays for more information.

What to See

The first thing you will notice visiting Lefkada is the beautiful, well preserved town, with its traditional buildings full of planted flowers and trees. Descending you will find yourself in front of the sea where you can enjoy the most fairytale- like view.

The sights in Lefkada are – oh so many! Arriving to Lefkada you will come across the Castle of Ayia Mavra. This is a Venetian Castle, built on the island’s entrance since the 1300s.

Make sure you also visit Lefkada΄s Archaeological Museum where great works of art are hosted, along with exhibits from the Paleolithic – and all the way to the Roman – Era.

A stroll to Boscetto, the known Poets΄park, is definitely worth taking! During this walk you will see statues of some of the greatest artists such as Aristotelis Valaoritis, Lafcadio Hearn, Dimitris Golemis and others.

Last but not in any way least, you have to visit Lefkada΄s waterfalls, near the Dimosari Canyon. This place oozed such beauty, it cannot be described.


The Beaches

If there is one thing Lefkada is truly admired for, it is the island΄s beaches. Kathisma Beach is the first beach you should see. Enjoy the emerald colored waters, and the unbelievable view. Egkremnoi, Porto Katsiki and Kalamitsi are the top Must- See beaches, with the most wonderful golden sand and deep blue waters!

Local Delicacies

While in Lefkada, try the island΄s specialty, the whitebait pie (maridopita) – an excellent local fish pie – and some bitter almond beverages! For dessert, have some local ladopita – a sweet pie usually served at weddings – and drink some Vertzami wine!

Bonne Appetit!

Bars & Restaurants

During your vacation in Lefkada, you cannot help but notice its unique combination of different kinds of fun.

Calm and peaceful during the day, vibrant and energetic after dark, and literally anything you like in between.
Here, you will find Restaurants and Bars of all styles.
The island’s food is delicious whether you pick an elegant Restaurant or a cozy Traditional Taverna.
Most of the entertainment in Lefkada is located in Nidri and Vasiliki.
Travellers who are looking for a lively nightlife, will be more than satisfied since the island is filled with Nightclubs, Bars and Cafés.
Youngsters usually party in Bars and Nightclubs until the sun rises.
For those of you who prefer something more relaxing, the island offers many cozy, atmospheric Bars – where you can cool off with a drink – and some of the best Gourmet Restaurants – where you can have a Gastronomical experience you will never forget.
One thing is for sure: You will not be disappointed!